While the temperatures drop, the trout bite is heating up!

My favorite time of the year is here in Crystal River, and the trout have are showing up with it.  The past few outings have been producing some excellent trout fishing for my guests.  We have been doing fairly well making long drifts across the flats and covering territory using popping corks with soft plastics underneath.  My personal favorite rig for trout fishing is a Cajun Thunder, with anywhere between 1.5-2.5 feet of leader underneath with an 1/8th ounce jig head.  The Trout have shown back up and are healthy as ever.  Nice thick bellies, and have been putting up quite the fight on the light tackle we use.

Something I practice, as should everyone should when trout fishing is taking gentle care of fish intended to be released.  Some decent numbers of short trout are always boated while making our drifts, and its important to make sure you handle these fish as little as possible.  Speckled Sea Trout can be very delicate, and if handled improperly, can wind up dying minutes after release.  The VERY BEST way is to use a “de-hooker” to unhook your fish for release. This way you don’t disturb their important slime coat.  You can learn more about de-hookers by clicking HERE.

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Tight lines until next time,

Captain Colin