Fishing action has been amazing the past week!

All I can say is wow guys, the hot bite is here and the fish sure are chewing right now! The fall weather patterns are lining up nicely, and the fish are too.  The past week we did very well catching some quality Redfish, Trout, and Snook.  Water temps are down and that’s a very good thing so far as fish activity.  While on a few fishing charters last week, we experienced some very willing and active fish.

Lets talk Redfish.  Fishing for them has been productive around the middle of the tide for me, and in a few cases at the bottom end of the tide.  Look for points, or banks, with lots of bait and activity at the surface.  The Redfish won’t show themselves just that easy, but with a little recon you will find them.  My go to lately has been a live shrimp under a popping cork with 30 lb leader.  We hoped on a school of reds on a fishing charter last week that were on fire from the minute we set up shop!









Now the trout have been hanging in there steady just as they have been.  A few days we didn’t do as great as before, but we landed a few good ones that saved the day.  We have been doing well throwing popping corks on the flats, and jigging up some fish out of the deep holes bottom.  Expect the trout to group up heavier as the temps drop further into the winter.  Some big “gator trout” will be showing up in larger numbers too.









As winter approaches, the Snook are eating well and are hanging in there for now.  Longtime client Jesse caught her very first snook with me last week and what a great first one.  In fact, she caught her first inshore slam before 10 A.M.!  The drag started to peel and immediately I knew it wasn’t a redfish.  What a fight, and a memory of a lifetime.  The Snook population in Citrus county has grown immensely in the last 5 years.  Every year, we catch more and more while trying for reds.  Were lucky enough toe have a freshwater spring system in the bay of crystal river.  This gives all of our snook a place to ride out the winter, as cold water temps are deadly to the population.  To learn more about the danger snook face every winter, click here.

Overall a fantastic week of fishing in crystal river, and some great fish were landed for sure!  I hope you enjoyed my fishing report. If you would like to experience this first hand, please give me a call at 352-634-2901 and I’ll see you at the docks!

tight lines until next week,

Captain Colin Guy