Feel the Power and Brute Strength of the Almighty Backcountry Redfish!

Crystal River is a small town along the West coast of Florida, and is home to large schools of Redfish.  Arguably the most sought after game species that swims in the shallows, these tough fighters are great table fare.

Redfish feed mostly on shrimp, blue crab, and pinfish.  We make sure to have these baits onboard.  Early morning or late afternoon and evening hours are the best to target.  In our area, anything but a low tide is good for access to the best school locations.

Redfish off Crystal River, Citrus County, Nature Coast



Your trip includes:

  • Your fishing license! It’s included.
  • Stable, smooth, and dry ride.
  • Custom built 22 foot Sabalo Bay Boat, suitable for up to four anglers comfortably.
  • Elevated helm for spotting schools and water activity.
  • Captain Colin himself, and his experience and knowledge of fish patterns and these waterways.
  • Garmin GPS with Bottom finder for location and depth intelligence
  • Stereo system with Rocksford Fosgate water resistant speakers
  • VHF radio for ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore communications
  • 110 quart cooler full of ice.
  • Motorguide(r) XI5 Remote controlled trolling motor, for easing up to skittish fish, without spooking them.
  • Bob’s Machine Jackplate (for easy shallow water access without prop scars)
  • High end rods with Shimano reels – all the gear and tackle is included.
  • Comfortable seating for guests

All required US Coast Guard Safety gear: Life Jackets, Fire Extinguisher, Throwable life Preserver, and other important smaller items.

You should bring:

  • Sunscreen
  • Hat and sunglasses (polarized recommended)
  • Comfortable clothing.  May include a jacket or raingear, depending on the season.  Check with the Captain and be mindful of weather!
  • Food and drinks for the day.
  • A good cell phone or camera!

No need to bring your own fishing gear, it’s included. If you’ve got some special gear and want to use it, talk to Captain Colin first.


  • Bulky items like an extra cooler, purses, backpacks, or other large items.
  • No handheld GPS systems allowed on board
  • Nothing the local police would get upset over – Drugs come to mind.

Learn about the State of Florida’s salt water fish and game here.