The Hot Redfish and Trout haven't stopped chewing!

Here we are starting off 2020 already with a great January fishing report, the bite just hasn’t stopped and some great fishing charters continue.  The weather has been fantastic, and the fishing for redfish and trout matches.  We have been catching some real quality fish on a daily basis, and in good numbers too.

Redfish have been stacked heavily lately, and sure are willing to chew on any given tide.  My clients have been reeling in some nice ones using a live shrimp.  The past few weeks while on charters, our focus has been on the almighty redfish.  Great fighting fish, and a trophy considered by many.  We set out and hit the hottest spots to find plenty of feeding fish! Hold on tight to that rod, because low water temps have these fish peeling drag off the shimano reels.  Depending on the tide and location we are fishing, either a live shrimp on the bottom or under a cork has been the ticket.  I have been using both while sitting on top of fish, and the popping cork has been working better when the fish are fired up. When the fish are moving about and feeding, they’ll be more likely to find your bait when you pop that cork every now and again.  On some of the warmer days, I ventured down to the mangrove mazes we have here and found redfish almost anywhere, and we were quickly hooking some good sized reds.  The bite is truly wide open here in Crystal River right now, and the Trout fishing has been pretty good too. This time of year can be tricky to fish inshore with all of the fronts that pass through.  But even so, we haven’t had any trouble finding fish on any given day.

Crystal River is a very unique destination and fishery all together, and it’s one many people aren’t aware of.  We don’t see skylines while running the back country waters chasing fish.  Some days you might only see a few other boats.  It’s an incredible feeling to have such an uncrowded area to fish.  The Old Florida vibe is definitely in the air and in the waters.  Shrimp boats come pulling in early in the mornings to offload the nights catch, the sun rises and we leave the docks.  As you run down the river, you see old cedar and palm trees with bald eagles and ospreys sitting atop.  Dolphins round up a school of mullet right beside the boat as you pass by.  You pull up to that first spot, and the bait swimming about the surface is getting crushed by redfish, trout and snook.  Hurry to get your line in the water, a few seconds later your rod is doubled over and your heart is racing.  You land your fish and high five your fishing buddy, and repeat until the day is over.  The ride back in, you ease into a seat and reflect on the day.  You hit the docks and share fish stories with other anglers, and show off your big catches for bragging rights. That’s what Crystal River is all about, it’s truly a fisherman’s paradise and playground.  As an avid angler and passionate guide, I am extremely thankful and proud of how healthy our ecosystem is here. Our little fishing town is a place you don’t want to miss!







Hopefully I have given you a small taste of the fishing report and experience we have to offer here, and I look forward to another great year.  Tight lines until next time,

Captain Colin Guy