Stellar fishing has been happening in the shallow creeks and grass flats of Crystal River!

These past two weeks, we’ve experienced some great fishing in all different kinds of conditions.  This week I started out with a buddy of mine to scout out some fish as our weather has changed.  We spent the morning throwing some topwater plugs along the banks where we saw lots of bait activity.  While we got many blowups, misses, and follows, we didn’t hook any. So we switched over to some hard body twitch baits and soft jerk baits and really laid into some fish.  To my surpise, we caught more snook than redfish as we worked some islands. Not a bad problem to have!

Mid week, I had some guests aboard for a few days and the first trip was the day of a cold front.  We dealt with high winds, and low tides all day.  Low tides make for a tough redfish bite, while we did try for reds with no luck, we stuck to trout fishing for most of the day.  The trout bite turned out to be fairly good considering our conditions and my crew put together a great box of fish for the dinner table.  Popping corks with a mirrolure lil jhon, or a gulp did the trick.  Often times when dealing with a front, the redfish will get “lock jaw” and are hard to get to eat your bait no matter what your using.  My tip for redfishing a front would be to downsize your leader from 30 to 20 lb test, and fish the areas where bait is active and present.  When bait is “happy” and the needle fish are at the surface and mullet are jumping, there’s usually some sort of feeding happening. That’s where you want to be.  Check out this link HERE to learn some other great tips on how to catch redfish.

The next day was a totally different story, we were greeted to a warmer morning, with just a slight breeze and plenty of water.  We started out for redfish, and quickly secured a limit of healthy redfish.  We then stayed on top of the school for a few minutes after to catch and release, and had a good double up.  Much better bite than the day before!  After the redfish frenzy, we rode out to the trout grounds and made a few drifts and wound up catching some solid keepers before calling it a day.










Overall a great week of fishing in the books once again.  I have to say, crystal river has it going on right now!  Redfish, Snook, and Trout have been boated lately on my charters. If your interested in experiencing this yourself, or learning more about it, give me a call 352-634-2901 and let’s go fishing.


Tight lines and until next time,

Captain Colin Guy