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About the business

Captain Colin Fishes out of Crystal River, Florida.  Its natural beauty makes a great backdrop while fishing, and the views can be simply breathtaking.  Your experience is of the upmost importance to Captain Colin. A safe and relaxing day being guided around the Nature Coast, leaving the hustle and bustle of civilization back at the docks. I offer both half and full day fishing trips, and provide most everything for a good time. A mix of high end rods, equipped with Shimano reels, and all the tackle you would ever need. Your fishing license is also covered for the day, so no worries about needing your own.  Leave the skyline building view, and take a leap into the REEL nature coast beauty here in Citrus county.

In-Shore Target

Captain Colin stays inshore most days, and are always well within sight of land.  You’ll be targeting redfish in gin clear water in shallow creeks, jigging trout out of the grassbeds, or yanking that snook out of the mangroves bushes.  All trips are fully private, and the charter vessel can comfortably seat and fish up to 4 anglers.


Comfortable cushioned seats, stability at rest, and a smooth and dry ride are just a few things his boat boasts. This vessel was custom built to suit the high demands of guide fishing in Citrus county.
A shallow draft is necessary to fish these waters, but the typical flat bottomed guide boat wasn’t going to cut it for me. I wanted something to get into 8 inches of water to get back to laid up schools of fish, yet take a chop and keep everyone dry. – Captain Colin Guy
No compromises were made in his hull choice, its the best of both worlds.   The best part about the waters here, is that no matter the time of year, there’s ALWAYS something happening in the fishery. 
Being an experienced Captain, Colin can put you where the action is any time of the year.  Check out the Captain’s fishing report to find out whats biting and when along with some tips and pointers.  If you’re looking for a nice quiet fishing town, Crystal River is it. Some days we wont see another boat! Give Captain Colin a call today to book your adventure, ask about the bite, or if you need any recommendations on places to stay! 352-634-2901


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Nature Coast's Bounty

Our Boat

Our equipment comes complete will all United States Coast Guard mandated safety gear, and we hope to surprise you with even more than a safe tour.

We want our boats to be comfortable too.  We know you want that, but we live on these boats almost every day, so it is also very very important to us.

Comfort and safety go together for us. We want you to be excited and delighted with your experience.